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The Best Music Gigs for 2020 Happening in Oxford

Well, if you’re are a resident of Oxford, then you’ll love to hear that there are multiple concerts, festivals and live music gigs you can attend. This city rarely runs short of events, and regardless of the time you visit, you’ll hardly miss an exciting event. So, fast forward to 2020, here are the top 10 events for 2020 you should not miss in Oxford, UK.

1. Waterfahl, Didcot UK, 29th February 2020

The Waterfahl gig will be held at the Berror Lounge from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. This event showcases some of the UK’s finest talents; here you’ll enjoy cascades of beautiful surroundings gladdened with refreshing live music.

This is also the best opportunity to meet your favorite artists and immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene throughout the night.

2. The Big Moon, 3rd march 2020

The Big Moon Concert will be held at O2 Academy 2 Oxford, Oxford, UK. This concert is exciting, and the performers will showcase both old and newer songs. What’s more, they possess high-quality instruments that produce excellent sound quality. Here you’ll meet a charged crowd who dances to every tune that the band brings on the stage.

3. Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra, 7th March 2020

If you love watching the violin live playing, then I would recommend this event. It will be held at Holywell Music Room, Oxford, UK, and here you’ll watch spectacular performances from Beethoven. From his first venture into violin playing, Beethoven was of the idea of merging a violin and piano to raise to new and higher heights in technique and expression.

At this event, you’ll also experience the performance of Oxford Philharmonic’s violinists Evgenia Epshtein and Tamas Andras as they share the stage with Beethoven. Combining their instruments, they will play his favorite and most-loved song “Spring Sonata.”

4. Turin Brakes, 11th March 2020

If you never believed that two men with a guitar each could be immensely popular and successful in the world, then the story of the Turin Brakes will delight you. After they released their first album, Olly Knights, Optimist LP, and Gale Paridjanian have sold a record seven-figure sum of records globally.

They have also hit number five in the UK music chart hit with Painkiller back in 2003. It’s no surprise that their popularity is increasing each day in the UK. Currently, they perform both live and on stage, and their shows is a culmination of talent and determination that makes it incredibly vibrant and entertaining.

5. Porridge Radio, 3rd April 2020

Well, if you love Hip hop, then you should not miss the Porridge Radio, which will go live on the first Friday of April. It will be held in the Bullingdon (The Bully). The lead singer is smooth, powerful, and penetrating, and the band will surely make your day enjoyable.

What’s more, there are numerous travel options such as walking, taxi, ferry, and you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the amazing musical experience that this band offers.

6. Wilderness Festival 2020, 30th July 2020 to 2ND August 2020

The Wilderness festival will be held in Cornbury Park, Charlbury, UK. Here you will get a chance to listen to an enthralling and compelling performance from artists and bands such as Foals, Kelis, Supergrass, and Elder Island.

Foals are an indie rock band that is popularly known for the unique dance, new wave influences, and minimalist soundscapes. The group’s debut album, “Try this on your piano,” remains one of the most popular among their fans.

7. The Shires, 22ND May 2020

The Shires show will be held at New Theatre Oxford, Oxford, UK. The shires are a pure band that writes and performs good songs. When on stage, they know to harmonize their voices, and the result is a great performance that will leave you aching for more. Ben’s voice is pure magic, and Chrissie’s voice is something quality you’ll not want to miss. Overall, they are worth your time, and in their performances, they show loads of energy and vibrancy that will make your night enjoyable.

If you are visiting Oxford or you are studying at the university and other surroundings, then you’ll love knowing that entertainment is a heartbeat away from you. With thousands of events annually, Oxford is the best place to be for those who love partying and enjoying good music.